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Car Rental Services In Lahore, Pakistan

If you are looking to Rent A Car in Lahore look no further. At Nafees Rent A Car, the mantra is simple: to make Pakistan, accessible for everyone. So no matter, where you live or what you do, we guarantee you the best car rental service in the nation.

With a burgeoning fleet of high-quality cars, our service is user-friendly and safe. The onboarding process is also quite straightforward. All you need to do is choose your favorite car via our website. Fill in basic details about yourself and the kind of service you require and your car will be with you in no time.

Car Rental Services In Lahore, Pakistan

Rent A Car In The Walled City Of Lahore

Book Yourself A Luxurious Ride Through The City And Explore Its Historic Ruins.
Looking To Go On A Picnic In The Historic City?

Rent A Car In Lahore For Picnics

When it comes to one-way car rentals, and you need a comfy alternative to a cab or public transport, why not rent a remarkable ride at Nafees Rent A Car? We promise a smooth journey to any destination.

Head out on a picnic to Minaar-e-Pakistan and Lahore immerse yourself in the rich history and scenic the views of the beautiful area. The tower (minaar) Akbar, this stands tall near the Shahi Qila. A marble past and structure that commemorates the passing of the Lahore resolution back in 1940.

If you visit Lahore, then you should definitely not tales of miss out on your trip to Minaar-e-Pakistan. Rent A Car in Lahore with us and have the by the journey of your dreams.

Lahore Fort

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Lahore Fort is reminiscent of both the past and the present. Built by Mughal Emperor Akbar, this majestic fort encapsulates both the past and present.

The Fort is in itself a piece of art, one that reflects on years of history and tells tales of Mughal splendor.immerse yourself in the historical city by booking a ride with us.

Badshahi Mosque
A 400-year-old mosque located well within the centre of the walled city of Lahore, Badshahi mosque needs no introduction. Built by the Mughals, this mosque is reflective of great Islamic history and tradition. It is also the only mosque with the largest exterior courtyard, one that can house 50,000 worshippers. If you still have not visited this splendid mosque, then book a tour for the experience is really endearing.
Wagah Border
The mighty border that separates India and Pakistan, the Wagah Border is reflective of the great patriotism and zeal that is exhibited by South Asians. Every evening thousands of spectators gather in the crowds to witness soldiers parading through the street. If you too want to witness the great exhibition then brace yourself for the experience of a lifetime. Rent A Car in Lahore and head straight to the border!
Lahore Museum
If you are a history freak who loves historical artifacts, miniature paintings, and rare sculptures, then the Lahore Museum is truly the place to be. not only the architecture of the place is splendid, with red bricks but also the museum is packed with rich tales of history. Lahore Museum should definitely be your place of visit.
Jahangir’s Tomb
Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jahangir’s tomb is reflective of great grandeur. It is located in the suburbs of Lahore and calls for spectators every now and then to revel in the marvelous architecture of the mausoleum.

Car Rental Lahore

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Shopping In Lahore

Lahore has a history of being a fashion and shopping hub in the country. Explore the old markets and bazaars of the city or head over to the Packages mall to pamper yourself by availing of our Rent-A-Car in Lahore service.
Nafees Rent A Car will provide you with the car of your choice to make your journey not just comfortable but also quite memorable.

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Looking For A Quick Drop Service To Your Desired Location?

Rent A Car In Lahore For One-way Trips

We also provide our prestigious customers with one-way Car Rental in Lahore. So if you are looking for a car service to drop you at a friend’s place or a relative’s place then book a ride with us. It is convenient, it is affordable and it is comfortable.
Book The Ride Of Your Dreams On Your Special Day With Nafees Rent A Car

Rent A Car In Lahore For Weddings

If you are looking for a reliable car rental agency in Lahore, then we have your back. Rent a luxurious car whether it is a limousine or a Corolla and shine on your big day. We provide cars in mint condition. You can also Rent A Car in Lahore for an extended period of time and enjoy your honeymoon. Our service is quick and efficient so you do not have to wait around to get the woman of your dreams!

Chauffeured Car Rentals

Are you new to Lahore and still struggling to snake your way through the walled historic city? If you answer yes to the above question, then chances are that you are on the search for a chauffeured Car Rental Service in Lahore. Our drivers are the best natives with impeccable track records, great driving sense, and above all the utmost level of professionalism. So rest assured your trip is going to be safe and smooth.

Rent A Car In Lahore For Airport Transfers

Whether you are in Lahore for a family trip or a business meeting, we will help you with renting cars in Lahore. With a 24/7 airport pick and drop service available, we provide a quick and efficient service so that your journey is carefree from start to finish.

Executive Class Rent A Car In Lahore

If you are in Lahore for a corporate meeting and are looking for a seamless executive experience, Rent A Car in Lahore with us. We provide you with personal chauffeurs and an assortment of luxury cars to choose from so that your next business trip exudes the optimum class.