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Do you need to get around the beautiful city of Islamabad in a comfortable and efficient mode of transport? Nafees Rent A Car Pakistan offers services for rent a car in Karachi and Lahore, and now car hire Islamabad—complete with great rates and top-notch customer service.  Are you in the city as a tourist, on business, or live here and have visiting people to take sightseeing? Go for our rent a car Islamabad service for a memorable experience!

Our booking process for car rentals Islamabad is fairly simple, and conveniently online. All you need to do is let us know a date and time plus contact details, and the kind of vehicle you need—and we’ll handle your transport!

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Automobile Rentals For Sightseeing In Islamabad

Visiting Islamabad for the first time, coming back for more explorations, or looking to entertain hosting guests. No matter what your destination and transport needs, you can count on us for renting a car.

Faisal Masjid

This magnificent mosque is a must-see when in Islamabad. The grandest mosque in the city and the sixth largest one in the world, Faisal Mosque is not just a holy place, but also an architectural marvel. It has influences of classic Pakistani and Turkish, plus both modern and contemporary touches of Islamic architecture.  Faisal Mosque draws crowds of locals and tourists because of its grandeur. So, go for a rent a car Islamabad for a relaxed visit!

Pakistan Monument

On the left side of Shakarparian Hills is the Pakistan Monument, proudly standing as a national symbol of unity for the people of Pakistan. The majestic curved four pillars of the monument are its highlights. These represent the diverse cultures that exist in the country, while the three ‘petals’ in between symbolize the inclusivity of minorities. Driving up the hills to the monument can be a tiring journey—unless you rent cars in Islamabad and enjoy every minute!


Islamabad is known for its lush greenery and mountains—and what better way to experience these natural aspects than by renting a car in Islamabad and driving peacefully through the Margalla Hills? Part of the Himalayan foothills, this region is where you’ll spot some of the world’s rarest plant species. And, while exploring Margalla Hills, don’t forget to spend some time at Daaman-e-Koh, the popular gorgeous rooftop garden surrounded by the hills.

Lake View Park

If you want to see more of Islamabad’s distinct natural beauty, drive to Lake View Park. This incredible place is not just a place to walk and have a picnic—it is a wildlife park, bird sanctuary, and a source of amusement and adventure combined! It also features the shoreline of Rawal Lake, better known as the Rawal Dam which serves as a crucial water source for the twin cities of Pakistan. Pre hire car in Islamabad to make sure you don’t miss this stop!

Lok Virsa Museum

If you want to immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage of Pakistan, drive to the Lok Virsa Museum. The establishment showcases artwork that perfectly captures the essence of Pakistan’s vibrant culture and history—which is why it is a must-see for every adult and child who is touring Islamabad. Make your trip even more convenient by renting a car with us to head to this iconic landmark.

Shakarparian Hills

Did you know that Shakarparian Hills is where it was decided that Islamabad would be the new capital of Pakistan? Home to the “International Friendship Garden”, various sections where trees are planted by dignitaries from around the world, charming walking paths, and various cafes and restaurants—this site is the perfect place to have a fun outing and picnic with friends and family. With sleek and comfortable automobile rentals, a visit to Shakarparian Park is delightful for the entire party!

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Need Car Rental Services Islamabad For Shopping?

Nafees Rent A Car has got you covered! Islamabad is home to old and new, classic and refurbished, and various upcoming shopping places. These places collectively have something for everyone. If you want to make it to as many shopping sites in Islamabad on your trip, the fastest and easiest way is to hire car in Islamabad. We have an amazing fleet of rental cars. Choose an automobile that is spacious enough for your party and all the shopping you do in the capital city!

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Cars For Rent In Islamabad For One-Way & Round Trips

Save your time and effort when you have a busy schedule and go for car rental services Islamabad. Where hailing a taxi or an auto rickshaw can mean standing around for long times and paying excessive rates, car rental companies in Islamabad can make your journey pleasant. We take bookings for both one-way and round-trip car rentals.

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Rent A Car Islamabad: Weddings, Corporate Events, And More

A key benefit you gain from choosing car renting companies near me is that you make your special events even more special! Nafees Rent A Car Pakistan prides itself on being one of the leading car rental services in Lahore for weddings, business ceremonies, academic events, and more. And now, we’ve extended this service to the capital city as well!

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Wedding Party Car Hire Islamabad

Do you need cars for rent in Islamabad for a wedding event? No matter what kind of event, weddings can be quite stressful due to last-minute transport issues. We’ll make sure you reach your venue on time. Simply book a modern vehicle with us, let us know the time and date for pick up, and whether you need the car with a professional driver. We’re here to ensure you have a memorable wedding!

Rent Cars In Islamabad For Events

Sports finals, academic awards ceremonies, graduations, and more—the city of Islamabad plays host to many events every day. And if you are part of one such upcoming event and in need of speedy and chauffeured transport, rent a car in Islamabad with us!

Business Transfer Car Rentals Islamabad

Whether you need to pick up clients from Islamabad International Airport or need to reach a business deal on time, count on our company for rent a car Islamabad. We make sure you make a great impression and have a successful day without any travel mishaps with a well-maintained—complete with a driver if you need one!